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1. Enrico Coniglio - Acque Lotiche Acque Lentiche (10'40'')
2. SEC_ - A nightmare in Senerchia (08'51'')
3. Fabio Perletta - Moto 元 (14'32'')
4. Gamino - Tuttintorno (05'11'')
5. Attilio Novellino - Aqua Matrix 12'42'')

'Aqua Matrix' is an investigation into the aesthetics of water, a research and artistic experiment about one of the most fundamental elements in nature for its acoustic and physical properties. A few short art residencies took place in Irpinia, a unique land of natural heritage that holds one of the most important reservoirs in Italy. Therefore, water as a thread, being Irpinia the power source and starting point of an extraordinary work of hydraulic engineering, the Apulian Aqueduct, the largest one in Europe, brings water from Irpinia to Apulia. Water as medium, physical matter and dynamic sound, magic and arcane element, spiritual entity, primary and essential source, full of symbolic and archetypical aspects.

Created by five alchemists of sound dealing with the living and vibrant matter of water, Aqua Matrix consists of five compositions: the majestic layerings of Enrico Coniglio which saturate the sonic space with an almost alien density, the powerful spasms of cinematic structures by SEC_ (Mimmo Napoletano), the intimacy and elegance of Fabio Perletta in a tense balance between stillness and break, the multi-form soundscape of Gamino which gives an amorphous sense of architectural space, and the hypnotic upward progression of Attilio Novellino with its magnetic and immersive drones.


released November 18, 2016

Cover by Fabio Perletta.
Mastering by SEC_.
Text by Gianni Papa (Flussi Media Arts Festival).



all rights reserved


Fabio Perletta Roseto Degli Abruzzi, Italy

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